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The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict:

Cousins in Context

StorySharing: Epi 010 (Nov 5 & 12)

Andrea Springer interviews Karen & Randy Dalke

Recent events in Israel and Palestine have gripped the attention of the world. Sometimes it can feel hard to understand—so much history, so many wars, so many political actors, so many strong feelings. Dr. Brooklyn Walker has specialized in Middle Eastern politics and has taught college courses on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
     In this special two-part edition of StorySharing, Brooklyn offers some historical and political context so we can better follow the news. She also talks about how her faith influences her work in this area.
“In this situation, respecting the dignity of every human being begins by acknowledging the trauma for both Israelis and Palestinians. The stories of these groups both have really significant trauma in them, and that trauma has really shaped the way that Palestinians and Israelis think about each other, how they think about themselves, and how they think about their inner relationship.

                                                               — Dr. Brooklyn Walker 


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StorySharing: Epi 009 (10-1-23)
Andrea Springer interviews Karen & Randy Dalke

In this episode, Karen & Randy Dalke talk about their faith journeys—from early childhood memories,to the many twists and turns over their 47 years of marriage. They also share about their journey to the Episcopal Church, the connections they were looking for, and what keeps them coming back.  Karen is a retired ordained Mennonite pastor and Randy is a retired USPS Letter Carrier. They split their time now between Nalcrest, Florida and Hutchinson, Kansas

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StorySharing: Epi 006 (3-5-23)
Andrea Springer interviews Dave Sotelo

Dave Sotelo is the Human Relations Officer for The City of Hutchinson. In this episode, Dave shares his story of making his way from Mexico to the United States as an undocumented, unaccompanied minor at the age of 12. He also shares how he started going to church and the role that faith plays in his life and in the work that he does on a daily basis in the area of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB).
“Belonging means you get to show up as who you are....
It believes that your whole self is so important
that you get to bring it wherever you go.
                                                               — Dave Sotelo 
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